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Happy Monday! 

Last weekend I came across a ton of photos from what seems like a lifetime ago… back when I worked an office job and had a full-on double-life, after business hours. 

It was EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO that Bitch Switch was born out of a need for something more…. and after watching “Run Ronnie Run”, where this line was used: “Now calm down, don’t go flip your bitch-switch”. Those exact words would change everything for me… Bitch Switch… yeah, I got one. Watch out, world…

Ya see what I didn’t know then, but I fully understand now, is that the money and insurance from that well-paying job was not really what I needed - it was just what society sells young people. 

I’d always been somewhat of a “ham” (or performer), loved sewing and making things, and was a go-getter, but that buttoned-up office position kept that side of me confined for the most part - or at least out of the spotlight. Outside of 8am - 5pm though, I was a DJ-ing, bodysuit-wearing, fundraising machine.

Bitch Switch started in 2006 with canned food drives for the food bank. A few years later we switched over to fundraising for an annual dog food drive in 2008 and from then on I felt my purpose, but I was too naive to jump ship on the lie we are all made to believe…. that having a ‘responsible grown-up job’ with a salary and insurance is every twenty-something’s dream, and if you get so lucky - especially without a college education, stay where you are, and start planning for your retirement ….. 

All a bunch of bullshit if you just have a little bit of ingenuity… I admire folks who can make a living doing what they love! Teaching, medicine, etc. all are passions people pursue! 

I never really publicly shared most of these images because I feared it would somehow damage my position as a manager at work - and I was the only female at the company at the time. 

Anyway, take stroll down memory lane with me! 

 It was so fun going through all these stored on an old laptop! Oh, and just for the record, I made every bodysuit and pair of bloomers you see here - bahahahaha! Even the ‘Sugar Daddy’ bodysuit, which was made from a pillowcase!

Enjoy! All these images by Mike Landers, aka The Glamorizer, and he shut down around 2011 or so, so this is just a peek at the first five years of Bitch Switch… 

I hope everyone has a most amazing week and I also want to share a little secret with ya…

There will be a summertime Bitch Switch event this year. We’ve only had the Christmas events the last 10 years, but get ready…. I think July… 



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