new workspace = self care

It may not sound like these two go hand in hand, but try making all your dreams come true while in the presence of another creative brain merely feet away.... Yes, I absolutely LOVE our small house, but it is sometimes a challenge to keep my ideas flowing when my workspace is an open loft....and Christian is either writing music, playing music loud, or watching movies when I have time to spare and am trying to get in my creative groove.... and getting in that groove is a big part of self care as much as daily physical exertion for me.

Last year, I knew there was something brewing for the building on the property, but I was a bit confused as to what direction I wanted to go in.... part of me wanted to make it into something that could be doubled as a commercial kitchen. Another part of me wanted to turn it into a small apartment for out-of-towners. It wasn't until I actually started planning a temporary (or long term) housing situation for animals (ex: chicken ICU has been our laundry room), that ideas started flowing .... then as I was doing the initial planning, it started becoming clear what I wanted... The roof repairs were first. My plan was to just get the basics done. Then came the ceiling. Then it was more clear......

As most of you probably remember, I used to sell quite a bit of vintage clothing and housewares here in an online store and on Etsy. I had a few big 'yard' sales in the years past because when we moved, there was just no room for inventory, however I still have several bins of clothing stored away in this former 'dry storage' building.... I actually loved selling and having little photoshoots for my pieces...
Not only was it fun to do these shoots, it was more special when someone with not a whole lot of confidence would agree to participate..... There is nothing like seeing someone come out of their shell as you watch their confidence levels go up.... Below are a few of my all-time favorite shots... I admit that digging through these made me super excited to get back into vintage clothing and photoshoots for the store....

....now this is where the self-care part comes in. You see all these photos? They each made me SO HAPPY. every part. from picking out the outfits for each model, to setting up the shots, to yelling "give me what ya got!" to editing afterwards. This is definitely what I want to do more of in the coming years....

So... this new workspace will provide me the freedom to dabble in these photoshoots again, sell off some of my vintage pieces, which might fund more fun vintage-searchin' road trips, which will in turn bring me more of that in which I need in the self-care department....

A few things I have decided that will be utmost priority, is staying organized. I basically dismantled the online store before because in the new house, it was impossible to be organized in such a small space, and when it came time to ship something out, half the time I would waste hours looking for it....

Anyway, I am looking forward to what the next 6 months will bring and am hoping to have all the clothing out of the bins by the end of next month! After that is done, expect more shelter dog pics, and more field trips for Reece & Coco!!

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Tomorrow brings Christian's mixtape, although I am pretty sure if it goes up tomorrow, it will be the last one for a while while we try to find a similar format.... the one we currently are using goes offline this week... boo.




ten things tuesday

this Instagram feed by Michelle McKenzie. I have been trying to incorporate tasty ways for us to be more plant based, and stumbled across this beautiful feed. We are mostly vegetarian now with the exception of once per week at the most. Going vegetarian will be the next step, but I am curious...if you are vegan, how did you convert? Some have success going cold turkey, some take it slow. Dairy is going to be super hard for me and possibly even be THE REASON I can only be vegetarian. I have been a milk-o-holic my whole life, and I am already looking forward to fresh goat milk in the Spring..... 

this blog. I bought the book a few years ago, but the blog is updated regularly. This shot particularly made me sigh, dream for a second, and then wonder how I would really like living where there were no trees......

this chocolate mousse cake by Five Boys Baker.... I think I am gonna make this one day very soon.... I haven't made any sweets this year so far, and this looks like a great recipe to try out!!

Becoming a 'Jill of all trades' - always open to learning new things. I have a few fellow female friends  that are so good at most 'handy' things, and I try to be, but must admit that I get a little overwhelmed by the thought of some of those things..... last weekend I learned how to put in a light fixture! This might sound fairly easy, but I have always been terrified of electricity and even thinking about what could go wrong has made me not even make an attempt in the past. Done. and NEXT!

New hair!!! I just cut two feet of hair off! I do this every two years actually. I was looking back at the last few times, and I cut it all off in 2014 just after we bought the house, then again in November of 2016, so I was just a little overdue... But I always forget how damn good it feels to have all that hair GONE. Feels brand new and light and lively once again! I may keep it short this time around, as it is usually something I just don't think about much until it gets annoying, and then I just whack it all off myself. Who needs a stylist when you can save $$ and do it yourself?

$2.99 Tuesday at Fresh Market. We make Eddie's food, so this keeps the cost down for us. Wanna know what we make Eddie? We use 3 lbs of ground beef, brown rice, peas, carrots, and green beans. We make a big batch weekly and he gets digestive enzymes mixed in at each feeding. This has helped with his itchy skin, dull coat, and he has also put weight back on and maintains a healthy weight now, where he was a little puny there for a little bit. Might seem like too much work, but we've gotten the routine down, and it's really not bad at all! Human grade food for our sweet elderly boy every day! Comes out to somewhere between $50-$60 a month, which is what we were spending on his high dollar food that ended up being riddled with heavy metals and lead, which ultimately made him have behavioral problems and confusion in which he bit me in the face a few years ago!! All of those issues went away when we changed him over to this diet. <3
this green suit...... it is on 'sale' but will never be in my price range for clothing expenses. Even when I am 'rollin' in the dough' ;)
non-traditional comfort foods. Christian has been getting creative with our menu at home, and while normal comfort foods in the past have consisted of mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, burgers and fries type foods, last week we had a few different twists that consisted of sweet potato fries and black beans, although we still incorporated mashed potatoes in there, but with an unusual pairing I don't want to reveal just yet... I will say that I bought the ingredients to make a pizza with a twist and I will post that recipe here when I make it because right now I am not really sure how it will go... it will be vegetarian, gluten-free, and free of any processed ingredients except for the mozzarella cheese!

9. Decorating on a dime... knowing when to bite on a sale item, and when to get more imaginative.... I am currently decorating and furnishing the shop/ office on our property and am having a blast doing it. From hand painted floors, to one-of-a-kind clothes racks I made from shower rods and chains I found on the farm, this place will be fun and totally my style. Last night I spent about an hour putting together a coffee/ bar cart I got on clearance. I usually suck at these things, and since I am aware of this, I actually read the directions BEFORE I started assembling the cart. Ha! It worked!
water is life. I realized recently that I have not been drinking as much as I should - especially in this dry winter air. My skin has started to let me know by gifting me with fine lines around my eyes. I upped my consumption, and thankfully they went away! Whew!! That and my daily use of this serum that I formulated, keeps my skin hydrated and soft!

 It is nice to be back in the swing of more regular blogging!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on self care and how the new space plays into that!! It will be a stroll down memory lane, as I have already been going through photos from a few years ago.....