saturday snapshots

Whattta day! I started out my Saturday by going on my three-mile walk, then stopping by Lowes to buy blades for my mower so I could get her ready for some fresh cuts (she needs the belt replaced and blades, actually), then I cleaned out my car - YES!!!, and got out my 'real camera', to take some photos in the cool morning before heading off to Bogart to pick up a shelter pup and take her to meet up with her ride to Denver, CO! 

Needless to say, there was a little hiccup in those plans and I ended up spending several hours at the pound, but Zelda the *former* shelter pup was headed to Denver by 5pm!! Mower wasn't touched, and only the feeding and minimum chores were done on the farm, but it was a GREAT DAY!!

There is always tomorrow for actual working, right? and tomorrow is St. Patty's day!! as well as my usual day for picking up Reece for a few hours. I think I may plan on making an Irish Shepherd's Pie, get a little outdoor painting done on the workshop while Reece hangs out, and then maybe in the evening I will have time to work on the mower.....but now, here are a handful of pics from the day! Enjoy <3


ready for the weekend!!

This first week of longer days has been awesome. I have been able to have that weird realization each evening that I have nothing to do, but chill out in the hammock. So each evening after the normal chores, I have been getting a much needed breather before the Spring hits full blast and the grass is the focus around here..... Yesterday evening I let the goats free range on the property - they stick together, and don't go too far, and are fun to watch. Eddie and I enjoyed the show...

I have been enjoying the sunset walks with Eddie, knowing there is no rush, because I have SO MUCH TIME. It's funny because I panic in the fall when the time changes, knowing I have to get it all done in an hour after work, but I am gonna try my best to remember how SO worth it, it is when the time 'springs forward' and I have all this extra time on my hands...
 This weekend I plan on finishing painting the workshop - something I started TWO YEARS ago, and then lost my steam for it.... If you are new to the blog, you may not know that the workshop is a former dog boarding facility. So, with 50 little doggie doors WIDE OPEN to any and every animal out here in the country, this building was so intimidation for the first few years we lived here. About three years ago, we started closing up the doggie doors, and then this past winter, started the finishing stuff in the inside - new ceiling, painting, etc., and now that I have been bringing Reece out here to hang in the almost finished workshop, I am gonna let him hang out with me in the outdoor kennel space while I finish painting!! I was working on the privacy fence out here last weekend and he just snoozed away and was so content...

 well, I am off to walk Eddie Ray and then head to work! Happy Friday!!Looking forward to a nice partly sunny weekend with NO RAIN!!!!