It’s been a minute…


Yikes! I just realized I haven’t posted in a few days. Been completely consumed with getting things ready for the Indie South Holiday Hooray! Been crazy, sad, anxious, and thrilled all at once for the last few days. Setup was last night and it’s super early this morning and I’m getting ready to take care of the animals before heading over to the park. I’ll be posting throughout the day on my insta stories if you follow me there. 

I’m really happy with my setup this year. I actually built out my displays - I mean measured and sawed wood, screwed it all together and have a secured legit display. Then I numbered, disassembled, and packed it all up in the truck and reassembled it on site. Yeah, pretty proud of myself! Just one of the many things I’ve grown confident in because of this whole house project. 

I’ve still got a few last minute things to load up and take over this morning, so gonna cut out of here and I’ll post a little update here again tomorrow early morning because that’s when I’m gonna have time. 

wish me luck today! The weather is forecasted to be pretty nasty tomorrow, but also it’s a Georgia weather forecast, so usually never accurate. I’ve got my friend and old roommate from helping me today at my booth. If you’re in Athens, come see me! 

Have a great Saturday!!


Christmas cards…

 For years I have wanted so badly to mail out Christmas cards, but for whatever reason just not prioritized it. This year however, I have already mailed out several and I am so excited about it!!! I had no idea how much it would put me even more in the spirit. I have also been mailing out so many customized pet ornaments and making each one boosts my already through-the-roof Christmas cheer! 

I’m sitting here sipping hot chocolate, looking at our beautiful colorful kitchen just outside the bedroom door, and have a warm little Poptart next to me in the bed, and I can’t help but think how grateful I am for the events that led to this. Our kitchen is colorful, our old home has new flooring systems, new plumbing, new electrical wiring, and every little bump in the road the last few years was all for this. I am able to do what I love - working with dogs - and even have a new business starting in 2024 with a few girlfriends. Here is a hint: 

I have the most amazing clients. I’m meeting with a new one in the morning, and I tell ya I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of getting new work of this type. Folks that love their animals so much they don’t want to throw them into a stressful boarding situation while they travel…. Don’t get me wrong, some dogs LOVE daycare and ‘camp’ (what I think some of them think of boarding), but for older or less social dogs, that is stressful. 

Any way, Christmas cards and lots of gratitude over here this quiet Christmasy night, and tomorrow starts another action packed day prepping for the holiday market this weekend by having a mock setup - I know it sounds like overkill, but it is how I plan for these… setup can be a bitch if you are unprepared… anywho, toodleoooooo! Night night!




It’s a late night in the shop….

 This week I’ve been keeping late hours packing up things for this weekend’s holiday market. My commute to work is through the field between our house and my shop.. tonight the sky was clear and the stars so bright…. Inside that pink heart is the light from the shop door. <3

Tonight I’ve been working on a little bit of everything, but the sheet-metal pieces are probably my fave. Here are a few new ones from this eve:

I haven’t listed these just yet, but will do that first thing in the am! You can browse all the others by going to the online shop on my homepage (top left corner).

Reece has been snoozing through the sanding for hours, and now it’s my turn to catch some zzzz. Goodnight lovelies!



Whatta Monday!

Click on any image below to be taken to the shop! I’m still working on ornaments after selling out of most, and should have some more listed tomorrow evening. It’s been a very productive day indeed! I’m so grateful to be able to do all the things I love in order to support the farm and myself! Scroll past the prints to see sweet Reece trying to convince me to snuggle rather than work - ha! It almost worked….

I’m exhausted and heading to bed! It was also my mama’s birthday today! I’m so lucky to be able to have her in my life and living so close…. I’ll never take that for granted. Send her some good birthday vibes! 

As you can see she is also a big animal lover and was one of very few people ol’ Eli enjoyed! 
Goodnight world…