fragments of time…

 We have made it another week of this new series on the blog! Fragments of time is the name of a daft punk song, but also gives me the space to share a few moments that I didn’t share on social media. If you know me, you know I’m always capturing a moment - a fragment of time that I can always access. 
Enjoy these!! Scroll the the bottom for each photos’ description.. 

1. Mr. Marbles in his catio nesting box…
2. Afternoon delight; Lorna Doone cookies and coffee
3. Our little farmhouse backlit by a pastel sky
4. Bowl of bones left when Marbles ate some salmon
5. Cat clients
6. Reece camouflaged by the sediment on the dirt road 
7. Delish frozen pizza lunch at home
8. More Marbles..
9. Dog client
10. Chocolate chip cookies made from duck eggs
11. Quackaroni having the time of her life in a puddle 
12. Feeding time for the horses
13. So grateful for a full schedule, electric throws, and the real housewives of Beverly Hills ;)

Happy Tuesday all you lovelies! I’ll be back tomorrow with a tried and true tip I discovered about saving money on hay! No tractors needed either! Perfect for a small farm that runs on elbow grease!


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