Fragments of time…

Insert the song “Fragments of Time” by Daft Punk. 

I’ve been listening to some goodies from the last 10-15 years and I think I just created a new segment here….

Just moments from the week that I felt the need to capture..

Farm babes. Food. Whatnot. Lots of food probably because I have more time to play in the kitchen… A sweet face here or there of a client’s pet…I post a lot on Instagram, but the stuff I’ll share in these weekly segments for whatever reason didn’t get posted there… 

I whipped up a Waffle House breakfast platter this morning! Fakin’ bacon, toast, hash browns, steamed broccoli, and cheddar eggs! Yum!

cold morning, quick comfort breakfast last weekend…. a slice of pound cake toasted with a little buttah just like my mama used to make & a cup o’ joe:
These hideous purple furry boots that I discovered in our loft that have been packed away for a decade since I hiked the Grand Canyon in my pajamas in December 2013…. They have been a godsend the last week with this brutal cold, and they are so comfy I even walked dogs in them!

Photos below for proof ;) yep, same hideous boots, but so very comfortable and warm.. they are Keens. My first and only pair. I bought them solely for this GC trip, and then when I came home we moved to the farm and I’m embarrassed to say they’ve been hiding in a box in our loft all these years! ….all because our new disco kitchen has a record player and I was looking for some records to play! 

Our “Rose of Jericho” that we’ve had for over a year now! Isn’t she pretty? 
I have the worst hay allergies and I try everything to keep them at bay - antihistamine nasal sprays, pills, and all that on top of the supplements (quercitin, zinc, vit C), and there is just no real relief this time of year when I’m having to handle and feed hay to the farm crew… Meals like this though - true comfort food - make it all better… this one is courtesy of Mama’s Boy leftovers and I roasted some asparagus to make it seem healthier ;) 
These gloves are called Savior and they have been my savior in this cold. My brother got these for me years ago and they are one of the best gifts of all time!
Mama and daughter. Ellie is completely blind now at 15 years of age, and she listens for Ellen’s (14 years old) steps in order to get where she wants to be. I cannot believe they are still kickin’ and healthy after all these years. I rescued Ellie when she was just one year old and she was pregnant with Ellen at the time. Crazy how time flies….
This is Hugo. He is a client’s dog. We get to enjoy the greenway several times a week, rain or shine… 
One of my new year’s goals was to bake more. So far this year I’ve baked cookies three times, and all made with duck eggs. This is a most excellent peanut better cookie…
This was the halo around the moon last night around 10pm. I think it must be common around this time of year to see this. I’ve noticed it a couple times in January since my dad died in January 2015. The night of his death, and the first January on this farm, I looked up and saw this for the first time out here… ((((( <3 )))))
Reece cracks me up with how much he loves this bed. I can’t remember who gave it to me, but THANK YOU. I had it for at least a year before trying it out because I didn’t understand how it was a ‘bed’…. It’s just a large donut pillow, and after seeing Reece arrange the pillows on the large human bed to create a ‘nest’, I remembered I had this thing and laid it on the bed… he’s slept in it every single night since. I can see how it must feel like he’s sleeping in a hug… look at his little feet sticking out…
This is Clarice. She is one of many cats I am sitting this week. It’s rare that I have more cats than dogs, but this week the count is 15 cats & 5 dogs! 

I had a few clients this morning, then an appointment to have my car looked at (I got up close and personal with the tow hitch of someone’s truck yesterday morning - eeeek!), and came home and ate, and now I’m off to the shelter to check on my sweet big ol’ Derby boi! 
The weather is turning wet and cold and I think I’m going to make a big pot of  spicy veggie soup when I get back for the next few days lunch! 


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