Good morning! I just wanted to share how amazing 2024 has been so far on the animal rescue side of things….

As some of you may already know, myself and a friend run the southern chapter of Unwanted NYC Pets, a nonprofit that caters to shelter animals in need of foster and forever homes. We help advocate for these animals by using our reach via social media, and we also help fund medical care for these animals when needed.

Just this year alone - yes the last 21 days, we have been able to help get the following SEVEN dogs in foster or forever homes through our reach on social media:



We have also been able to fund Mr. Marbles, a former feral cat here on the farm AND buy a temporary housing situation for a screech owl while it awaited intake at a licensed raptor facility…..

….and through the nonprofit sector, we’ve been able to fully fund a Tennessee dog’s journey from being abandoned in the Appalachian mountains after being shot. We have raised all funds needed to have him fully vetted, neutered, and treated for heartworms this year! 
This is Jaxon:

 …annnnnd we’ve been able to fund vet care for this girl who was found dumped at a liquor store in Athens, GA, where I primarily do most of my volunteer work.
This is Delilah!

I wanted to share all this because I’m in awe at how good this year has been to me so far. I have been abundantly blessed with clients who have supported this farm during one of the most expensive months. Between hay, and feed, and the ability to donate the time I have had to give to all of these animals, I am so grateful. I have never been able to volunteer so much and still make a living, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 

I hope you have a most lovely Sunday, and I’m so grateful for all of the clients who have entrusted me with your most precious pets, the donors who have made donations to our organization, and the followers on social media who have taken the time to engage and share our posts! It has made all the difference in these animals’ lives! 

If you’d like to make a donation to help further our efforts in doing what we do for these animals, you can make a tax-deductible donation HERE . Again, thanks!!


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