‘Tis the season…

 I’ve been out and about and to more holiday parties this year than ever. 

Tonight we have a Christmas party at a friends house so even though I’m already ready to wind down for holiday cuddlin’, we are gonna go early that way we can be home early. I was up late last night making a batch of my special ginger, clove, and molasses cookies and the house still smells divine this morning! 

Message me if you want the recipe - I will try to update this post a little later and include it. These are buttery, soft and chewy and so delish! 

I have a pretty busy pet-sitting schedule these next few weeks (including Christmas and New Year’s Day) due to the high volume of folks traveling for the holidays. 

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas eve! I hope you all are having a magical time and really able to soak up the love this season. We’ve had a pretty rough year of loss and all the home disruptions, but I’m oddly content and have been able to be there for my loved ones as needed. 

Much love and holiday cheer, 


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