Heart full of LOVE


1. A homemade ornament from one of my clients <3

2. Reece with his fox toy that his grandma gave him. 

3. Our perfectly pink tree and disco kitchen… 

4. Reece’s new body pillow.

5. Hugo ….. swoon… 

6. This gorgeous Rose butt! It’s round and not showing any signs of muscle loss. We had such a rough year in 2022, so to have a great year in 2023, and end the year with a nice round butt like this?!? Well, if you know, you know. I’m so grateful my girl made a complete recovery despite all those wrenches being thrown in the mix!

I’m super excited about 2024, and the blog is ready for her comeback too. Several legal matters this year prevented me from sharing much up until late summer, so I’m thrilled to have turned the corner! 

I have a lonnnnnng list of things I’m planning for next year - some resolutions, some goals. Be prepared for monthly sweet things shared here as well as more thrifting adventures. I’m grateful for all of you who chose to spend your money in my shop, or pay me to care for your pets. It is how I pay my share of this farm, the animals food, and make my living! I may write a bit more before the new year, but I also may just soak it all in and write about it next year. Either way - be grateful, love hard, forgive so that it doesn’t bring you down, and do what you can to help others. Whether that is volunteer work, donations, or helping to feed the hungry. I am so filled with gratitude and love!



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