Today & gratitude day 9


It’s late and I’m hanging with my dog Reece in the shop. Christian and I had attempted to go see “Killers of the Flower Moon” tonight, but the projector in that screening room was out, so no movie tonight… maybe next week. I’ve got too much going on the next few days on the farm. 

We have Winter approaching - which isn’t as brutal as some places, but I still need to get enough firewood and hay to get us through to the Spring. This means I have to clean out the barn and honestly I was waiting for all the Joro spiders to die off before tackling that job. We also have a big delivery coming tomorrow - flooring supplies for the kitchen - so that I can start getting the floor in next week while Christian is at work. Yeah, yeah, we still have no kitchen, but hotel living for a few months made us pretty content with that and honestly as long as we are home on this farm, I think I could make do without a kitchen forever if I had to…..

Once I get the floor down in the kitchen, I’ll paint, figure out the cabinet situation and then start working on the backsplash, then we will need the plumber to come back out to hook up the plumbing in the kitchen and hopefully by Christmas we will have a kitchen again! I’ve learned so much the last several months. From the demolition to the structural support system of this house, to the flooring systems, subfloor, plumbing, and finishing work - I feel like finally as a homeowner I have gained the knowledge and skills to feel a bit more prepared for almost anything here. 

The animals are happy with the extended summer temps (it has been low 80s the last few days), and David Crowie has been getting what he needs in rehab and will hopefully be on his way in 3-4 weeks. Aside from waiting on the delivery tomorrow, I am still sorting through the old wood slats from the 100+ year old floor we removed from this house and what can’t be reused for a future farm project, will be loaded and hauled off to the construction and demo dump tomorrow. 

Sweet dreams, all you lovelies. Oh! Gratitude recognition for today is my relationship with Christian. It’s not always a bed of roses, but it’s genuine and alive, and is only fussy when we forget to nurture and feed and water it. All living things need the basics to thrive and relationships are no different. 

I think tomorrow I’ll share a few specifics of all the changes in our home since July. It’s been a lot, but honestly it feels like the best Christmas gift that our home getting this kind of love. 

Ok, ok - night! 



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