want/need/hear/see, gratitude day 8

 Good evening! This is the first ‘want/need’ in a very long time!! Since it’s so close to being the holiday season, I get excited about doing this segment, but since my house is still in process of being renovated, this particular post is going to be related to that…. Also.... I am grateful that I am getting to plan for yet another holiday season to sell my prints, skincare, and other goods from Fox & the Forest!!! 


I want so badly to have a kitchen by Christmas! We’ve been without one since early August and managed just fine through hotel living (also with no kitchen) and currently we have our stove plugged in, and our fridge on the back porch, and an electric water kettle for making our pour-over coffee… The plan is to have a colorful kitchen….


Lots of burning. I need to get busy on all the burn piles on the property and the weather is just perfect for some fire. Since we had an unusually brutal storm season (this is also one of the reasons for our home renovations happening so slow - so many homes were damaged from storms), and so many large limbs came down requiring a chainsaw… I’ve also been doing lots of decluttering in so many areas of my life so these burns will also be somewhat symbolic… 


Just a few songs that are on my painting/ tiling mix that get me pumped - ha! 


I’m hoping we can go see Flowers of the Killer Moon very soon in theaters! It’s 3.5 hours, and the days are super short, so planning it around animal chores is the tricky thing. We may have to go to an evening show instead of a matinee. 

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