Progress! Gratitude day 22

 It’s late and we have a refrigerator in the house for the first time since August!!! Whoop! 

Christian worked yesterday and I was too impatient to wait for his assistance in hanging the cabinets so in true Sandice Thrasher form, I figured out a way I could hang them by myself… 

Well, not totally by myself. The late Baby and Eddie Ray Thrasher helped offer me the weight bearing support I needed ;)

Then when Christian got home he helped with the last two.. 

We made soup in our kitchen (!!!!!) and ate that while watching the new season premiere of Fargo, then I walked my sweet Reece and soon am off to bed….

Gratitude post for today is the never failing ingenuity I possess. Some call it stubborn. I just think of it as a huge motivator when it comes to getting things done. And to be completely honest, when I mentioned to Christian that I was going to try to hang them while he was at work, he said that was impossible, so I mean.. I had to prove him wrong - ha! BUT,  I mean how many other folks would have even considered hanging kitchen cabinets by themselves? And hanging them in a way that no one had to hold an awkward position for several minutes while leveling and securing them??? Yeah -smarter not harder, folks! 

Anywho, tomorrow is thanksgiving and my plans for feasting with family fell through due to this hay-fever/ allergies/ funk that has me snotty but feeling fine.. no one wants a sneezy, sniffling, watery-eyed guest at the dinner table for the holidays…. 

I hope you all have a lovely day with friends and family tomorrow! I’ll be doubling up on my zinc and C and enjoying the fact that I can pour cream in my coffee without going outside to fetch it! 

Take care, lovelies …



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