Uh oh & gratitude day 21

 So…. Seems all those trips to Lowe’s and all the ‘go!go!go!’ and all this hay-fever from it being my hay season here on the farm have caught up with me…. 

I feel fine, but I have a very clogged up noggin. I sound horrible, my eyes are puffy, and I can hardly breathe through my nose. This sadly means I likely won’t be making it to grandmas for thanksgiving…. I just can’t take any chances with her immunity. This is a real bummer, but me and Poptart will go up and visit when I’m done with this crud…

I did however ask my builder friend if he could come by and take a look at what I’d done with the kitchen and see if he could direct me and Christian on how to proceed with the cabinets and countertops. He advised us on how to hang the cabinets, how I could cover the eyesore of the electrical box and all those wires, and how to properly install the countertop. Ya see, this old house doesn’t have a true squared corner in it after 118 years of shifting with the earths movements and a century of changes to her walls and floors and this and that… so I could tell upon getting the countertops in place that there was gonna be a little trick to closing gaps. 

Anyway, we did get one set of cabinets hung, and I’m going to work on the backsplash and electrical corner tomorrow while Christian is at work. So far things are coming together nicely and it looks like we will meet my deadline of hoping the kitchen would be done by Christmas!! Most likely will be done by the end of next week to be honest! 

Todays gratitude goes to my unwavering determination. I guess it’s easy to take it for granted because I assume everyone should be or is as determined to do what they set out to do… an example from todays work: while Christian was holding the cabinets in place for me to anchor to the wall - obviously it was an awkward position to be pushing something against the wall while also lifting it, and he said we really need two people for this part. I suggested we use our stackable bar stools stacked to the right height and just set the cabinets on top - basically use that as the extra set of hands - so Christian was just a stabilizer and not also supporting the weight. Well, he balked at my idea and said that would never work….. being the person I am - strong willed and determined - I stacked the cabinets on top of each other, and used a few books to get the exact right height and got the first screws in all by myself. Then called Christian in to help me level and hang it perfectly straight. Then he helped with the second cabinet since it was much easier than what we were doing before. So, viola! Again, I take my determination for granted and think it’s natural, but I see it is not. Every day, all around me. I think it was how I was raised. Anytime someone tells me ‘that’s not gonna work’ or ‘that’s impossible’, I hear a little voice in my head that says ‘Game on!’. It’s how I had a 20+ year salaried career without a college education. It’s how I got this farm. It’s how so many of the things I’ve set out to do are accomplished. TCB, baby. 

I’m off to bed and doubling up on my zinc and C in hopes this doesn’t turn into a sinus infection! 

Goodnight darlings! Also I can’t get enough of this floor! 



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