our first fire of the season…. (And gratitude, day 3)

 Oh gosh it’s late and I almost forgot about blogging today. Lots going on today so we will start with that first. 

It’s been so cold the last two nights with temps getting down to freezing. It usually never happens this soon, so I was a bit unprepared. Today, I cleaned the hearth, the wood stove, cleaned our little iron black kettle for water on the wood stove, and got a small load of wood until I can clean off the back porch and make room for a larger load.

This meant I needed to start dealing with things that got stuffed into places hastily when our impromptu renovations started. So far I have a carload ready to go to the shop, and a bunch of tools that need to be organized and put away.

Since it’s so late, this will be short BUT I wanted to have my gratitude post for the day…..

…this amazing beautiful, cozy, warm fire.

Goodnight, all.. I’ll be back tomorrow with a peek at some of the home renovations. Sleep tight and stay warm wherever you are! 


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