November MixTape! Gratitude, day 2

... a little bit of everything, but mostly songs I have listened to recently and have a fondness to these songs around this time of year. The third song, 4 Non Blondes - "What's Up?" is attached to lots of memories and at my 30 year high school reunion back in September, a bunch of the gals actually sung it karaoke - ha! Good stuff. 

I am in a pretty significant transition period and having to live in a hotel for a few months put me in a position I'd never been in before - actually sharing a room with someone for more than a night or two - crazy (!!) but we survived and I didn't kill Christian - bahaha! Anywaaay, overall it was fun, and a lot of life was lived in those tight quarters and a lot of self reflection done. I feel like this next chapter is gonna feel so good and having the time to freshen up our little century-old farmhouse is perfect for this period in my life. I will start to share more on the home renovations soon, but for now enjoy the mix of songs I have been painting and laying floor to....

Also, this month I am going to focus on one thing each day that I am grateful for. Today it is the physical health I am in to keep up with all that needs done daily at the farm and most currently in the home. The work isn't easy, but the fact that I am able to do the physical hard work that I have done the last several months on this house, and continue to do daily on the farm is not taken for granted! So Hallelujah! 
I hope you all are having a lovely start to November. It is waaaaaay colder than I am used to this time of year, and got down to 32 degrees last night. Not sure what that means for our winter, but honestly as long as I have plenty of hay, and the animals are happy, I am good! 


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