Catch-up: the Hotel, Gratitude day 4

good evening! it is super late but i am completely committed to these daily posts this month, and expressing a daily dose of gratitude.... i am grateful for being able to learn how to embrace change. since i am a creature of habit by default, this disruption was hard on me in the beginning but after a few weeks, i was getting the hang of it..... it was good for my inner growth and good for my own confidence.
Well, I know I said I’d be sharing some of our home renovations, but I lied!!

I decided to share a peek into our months of hotel living before moving on to home renovations.
 For starters, we didn’t have little things happening at the house. Ohhhhh no. We had a full blown, four alarm, foundational crisis on our hands. Support beams, sill plates, floor joists, and weight-bearing walls were all talked about in this process. Half of our house was completely gutted down to dirt floors. We had walls and of course the roof over our heads - it wasn't a complete renovation, and our livingroom and Christian's studio was untouched, but the most important rooms were emptied and half the floors in our house taken out to rebuild the floor systems. 

It was also about to be game season in this college town (UGA), so no hopes of finding an Airbnb or long-term rental that was open for months. People book the hotels for game weekends several months in advance. So, off to short-term hotel living we went! We started out at the Hilton Garden Inn located in downtown Athens. It was great, and Poptart got used to the floor plan and we were able to get almost a whole month in there. 

This little courtyard was the only option for her to pee or poop. She wasn’t having it, so because I had to keep Reece back at the farm and in my shop due to his dislike of people, it worked out fine and I took her to the farm at the crack of dawn each day for her business and also took care of my boy. I had to be at the farm at the crack of dawn anyway because of the farm critters.

Hotel living was a bit more simple for Christian. He was closer to work, didn’t have all the back and forth to the farm, and so he was able to enjoy it a bit more. It was like a mini vacay for him - ha! And because of my photographic eye, I got lots of new opportunities for photos. We don’t see the city up close much in our little holler, so it was cool for me as well. 
We celebrated both our birthdays at the Hilton…. Sadly the mini fridge didn’t have a freezer big enough to accommodate ice cream, so we had to eat it fast ….

The next day after Christian's birthday, we had to check out and move to another hotel where we could have another big block of time.... We landed at the Hampton Inn in Athens. It was recently renovated so was actually nicer than the Hilton! There was a big lush lawn for her to do her business, and the staff was so happy to have her there. The guests even loved little Miss Poptart! Poptart’s only complaint about hotel life was that she couldn’t jump up on the bed all by herself. They were much taller than what she’s used to and without sight, it takes lots of confidence and comfort for her to jump up on anything. However, she was a huge fan of the fluffy comforters and pillows....
Would ya just look at that peaceful dreaming face?? OMG. She must have thought she was sleeping on a cloud....

The tub at the hotel was nicer than ours so I took full advantage…
I had a breaking point after eating granola bars, nuts, and chips - gas station food (or takeout) after about two weeks and my sweet mama offered to make me home-cooked frozen meals that I could heat in the microwave. This honestly saved me from a breakdown. This gal don’t do well without some veggies every once in a while…

I thought my to-go order receipt was a bit hilarious. I guess cell phone reception made it seem like I said Chandy instead of Sandi - bahahahahaha!
the Hampton Inn had a complimentary 'waffle bar' daily as well as non-stop coffee, so i got a little spoiled while we were staying there...

...here is a peek into our last hotel room. Poptart's comfy bed is there in the lower right corner and i brought a throw rug since slick floors make her uncertain with her footing.
...and Poptart with so many of the temporary family we had at the hotel.... i cannot stress how 'at-home- we all felt there!

...and here is the rest of the photodump from our stay because i am getting too tired and need to head to dreamland, but you get the jist....

thank you for reading and following along with us on this journey! 
we are off to dreamland! 



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