Sacred Sunday…Meet Crow; gratitude day 5

 Right when I was finally getting back in the swing of things at home, in my routine of dump days, paint days, planning days, my work (pet sitting and Fox & the Forest), the time change got me today - bahaha!

It was a great day however, filled with friends and getting acquainted with a new guest at the farm: this injured crow. 

I had headed out for the weekly shelter dog classes and noticed this one solo crow by the road not eating anything just standing there. On my way back it was still there. Living out in the country, I see crows all the time - on our horse pasture, in our big oaks, running off the hawks, cawing, etc. I knew something was astray with this solo bird… Having never handled a crow before, I drove home to get some gloves in case it was feisty. When I came back by, it was in the road in front of my car and hopped to get out of the road - that’s when I could tell it had an injured wing. It could hop pretty well and made me work a bit to catch it, but oh my! Once in my hands, that thing was so sweet and gentle. 

I reached out to my licensed wildlife rehabber (who I happen to have on speed dial) and left a message. While I waited for her to return my call, I researched what to do if you’ve found an injured crow. Cooked egg yolks and water. This crow was so thirsty and hungry and had a great appetite. 

Rehabber called me me back and because I know she’s preparing to overwinter so many rehabbed animals, as well as helping out another local licensed rehabber while she’s not well, I offered to be a foster under her guidance for this crow if it can be treated and released… So for now, we wait on a vet appointment for this crow to see what the diagnosis is… 

I will keep you all updated here! Wish us luck and send prayers that the crow can be healed and be back with friends soon. I picked him/her up less than a mile from the house, so it would be a perfect scenario where he could be rehabbed & released in familiar territory. 

For now he sleeps in the barn in a sturdy plastic dog crate next to the ducks’ crate and spent all day outside in a special playpen (my duck ICU enclosure), where he/she can hear the other crows, feel the warmth of the sun, and has access to food and water. Tomorrow evening I’ll know more about the vet appointment. 

Again it’s super late and I’m tired…. Poptart is snuggled under the covers next to me and Christian is in his studio making music… goodnight world…



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