DIY advent calendar + gratitude day 17

DIY is at the end of this pre-coffee rant if you’d rather skip to the end  :)

Its’s almost 4am and I am wide awake because Spirulina decided she wanted to overeat, puke (for those that aren’t familiar with the sound of a cat puking, consider yourself lucky), which then got Poptart all riled up and unable to go back to sleep….and so… I am up. Does anyone want a cat? (I kid, but seriously… j/k)

So now I’m planning Christmas decor. I’m also planning the flooring project for the kitchen….  I am also considering changing the layout a bit in the kitchen when I do start putting it back together so that the large window might be able to accommodate our large pink Christmas tree… that way we won’t need to rearrange furniture in the livingroom to accommodate it…. Omg. ADHD anyone?  So many thoughts so early in the morning. We have a pretty small house (30’ x 30’), so the tree is always a bit of a spacial challenge due to the fact it takes up a lot of space in our little livingroom… I think I’m going to reignite that renovation fire because to be honest I haven’t lifted a finger towards that project in weeks (since I painted the bathroom pink!), but Christmas decorating is priority and I can’t do that unless the kitchen is done for the most part…. today I think I’ll start the floor, then tomorrow do a little painting, and cabinet shopping this weekend, so that I can make this happen because the tree HAS to go up soon and I’m sitting here imagining it in front of the big window in the kitchen - it will be perfect! Just you wait… so much to do in so little time… and of course there is all the other stuff that makes this time of year super busy for me. What to do? What to do? 

I’m gonna boil some water for coffee and let this idea steep for a bit while I have pie & coffee for breakfast … 

I may be back later this evening with an update on plans or I may just post the update tomorrow morning… For now enjoy DIY project for making your own advent calendar! All you need is a sewing machine, a pen, some paper (I used some lunch sacks), twine, clothespins, and candy! 

I end this post by expressing gratitude for being raised the way I was raised. Yesterday I spent a majority of the day either with my brother or with my mom. We are a tight knit family and I truly realize that everyone doesn’t have this gift. I’ll never take it for granted.

I hope your Friday is filled with whatever it is that makes your heart happy! I’m lacking proper sleep, but looking forward to starting my kitchen floors annnnd signing up a new client this afternoon for doggy walks! 


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