Gratitude day 16

 It’s late - well, it’s 7:52pm - (ha!), but it’s been dark for a couple of hours and I’m snuggled up under the covers while Christian reheats leftovers for our dinner and I’m not going to be good for anything after that….

It was an eventful day, hanging with my brother, then lunch at moms, then watching YouTube videos about flooring, then the post office to mail Etsy purchases, and then all the farm chores. Oh! And I got a new weekly dog-walking client! 

Our new kitchen floor is going to be colorful and I can’t wait to show off our new kitchen when it’s all put back together! I’m grateful for my love of bright colors as it keeps me from ever getting too deep in a funk. 

Also it was on this day 10 years ago that Frugal Fashionable Farmer was born out of the former blog called ‘About An Acre’. It started on typepad but then I moved over to blogger where honestly I’m still happy with it! Here are some photos from a decade ago on the old farm where it all started! 

Good night all you darlings! 


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