A peek…. & gratitude day 18

 Good glorious morning! Here early because I’ve got a pretty busy day and don’t want to forget my gratitude post. Yesterday was crazy. Like I was bummed because I needed to drive two hours in a pinch to get more of the proper primer for my kitchen floors, but once I got back home, I realized (before it was too late to fix) that I didn’t need more primer, I just put it on too thick. After some YouTube videos and lunch, I fixed it and wouldn’t have been able to fix it so easily had I not made a two hour drive and expected it to look different when I got home. You know what all that was? A blessing in disguise. Thanks, God. 

Now, I realize my ideas for my new kitchen are not for most people. I really also don’t give a f*#k what other people like… I like lots of color. I always have. Every single one of our houses reeked of color (landlords always allowed us to paint) until we bought this one. It had been ‘recently remodeled’ (or so we were told), and the land needed so much work that I just let the house be until we discovered all the structural issues here recently, so out with the old… This ol’ house is getting a little love and color and I can’t wait til we are done. 

Here is a peek at the kitchen floors so far… 

I have about 1/3 of the kitchen left to do because I’m pushing everything to one side to work, then when the floor is set, I’ll push everything on the finished side and get that last bit done. Probably one day next week. The walls still need to be painted, we still need to get cabinets, move the fridge in from the porch (which I think I’m also going to paint), and the backsplash was tile that left some damage on the walls when I was popping it off, so I think instead of repairing the sheetrock and replacing the tile, I’m going to keep it simple and easy and cost effective  by killing two birds with one stone and getting a sheet of beadboard and cutting that to:

1: repair the damaged wall
2: act as a textured back splash

I signed up a new client yesterday and if I don’t make it back here today, you guys can see his gorgeous mug tomorrow. 

I’m off to start this day and have lots to do in the kitchen (just to be able to make coffee), then I’ve got the shelter dog class, the normal farm stuff, my own dogs’ walks, listing prints and ornaments on the website, shipping a few orders (I love that my local PO is open Saturday mornings!), and my new client that I’ll be seeing three times a week starting this evening. 

I am so grateful that I have so many folks looking out for me. That my dog-walking gig is not only a source of income, but it is therapeutic, while also allowing me to give special care and attention to dogs that don’t get that kind of care from your average dog-walker. I’m grateful my history of working with shelter dogs has provided experience that clients are looking for when considering someone to care for their pup. It is all coming full circle in ways I could have never imagined. My new client is a former shelter dog from the shelter I volunteer with. He came in with so many facial wounds and old scars that tell a story only he knows. I’m so happy to be in his life once again! 

Take care, lovelies! 



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