Thanks y’all!

 I’m on a roll today! Yes, this is the second post for today, and this one is in response to this morning’s post - honestly I wasn’t expecting such quick responses from you!

You guys really came through for me and I have gotten several suggestions already, but one of you reminded me about the ‘tailwagger Tuesday’ posts! 

In the past these posts were meant to spotlight adoptable dogs, but back then I was volunteering at two different shelters with lots of different dogs. Now I am mostly at one shelter and I focus on one dog until they are adopted (or no longer available), and sometimes this can take a year or more.

I am excited to do dog-related posts again here on the blog, however this time around the posts will be stories of how dogs landed their forever, and the segment will be titled ‘Happy Tails Tuesday’. Since it is Tuesday, but I already have other things planned for today, I do want to say that next Tuesday I am going to start this segment by telling the story of the most recent project, a stray dog I picked up on July 4th we named KaiYote (who was snatched up as soon as her stray hold was up and her new name is Carrots). 

Please keep coming at me with ideas you’d like to see more of here and I’m excited to read through them all! 

To send me what ya got, use the contact form on the upper left side of this page. 



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