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Good morning, lovelies! I used to have some regular segments but haven’t really had the time to be consistent with blogging to do them much. I do however plan to get back at it and would like to know what you’d like to see more of here, so give me your feedback!

Back in the day I had:


Sweet Stuff Sunday

Want/Need/Hear/Read (or See)

Midweek Mixtape

100 Happy Days

(You can search the hashtag for this one in the field to the left. There were tons of these posts over the years)

I need some fresh ideas to get back to what this space used to be! I’ve got the time again, and would love to know what are your favorite posts here? I love to blog, but sometimes I need a little creative push when I get a writing block.. 

In the past some folks have wanted more peeks into our home, small space living (our house is 30’x30, which is 900 square feet of living with the exception of our little add-on laundry room), or thrifting secrets, or gift ideas, DIYs, my workshop space, ways to live frugally, and/or new music or mixed tapes -this last one I usually leave up to Christian because if it were up to me, you’d get all 90s music, booty rap, old country, and classic rock - ha! 

I haven’t grown a garden in a few years but maybe next year… I have been growing flowers and experimenting with plants that are easy for beginners and do well in drought climates, however of course this year we have gotten so much rain! 

I’m sipping coffee and about to walk the pups and then head out to sit some kitties for the morning. After that I’m going to check out some wood specimens for my prints and then  I hope I get a little mow therapy in. The rain hasn’t given much of a break for me to mow and I swear I need it for my zen. 

Happy Tuesday and I think tomorrow I’m gonna do a mixtape since I’ll be working on prints. I need a good long playlist for me and Reece in the shop! 



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