…it’s late….

It is late, but not too late for a little catch-up on my day!

This week I had my first ever ‘only cats’ client. As you likely may have guessed, I am more of a dog person, but these cats have been a delight getting to know so far. 

Today after my morning pet-sitting rounds, I set time aside to work on a few commissioned prints for Fox and the Forest. These were fun, as I had brand new specimens of wood, larger than any wood slices I’d previously worked on. These are 12”x 9” and turned out perfect! They are a gift, so I’m blurring out faces as to not ruin anyone’s surprise, and when I get the greenlight to share without the blur I will do so!

In between processes in mounting the prints, a friend dropped by to give me a most excellent shirt that I will share when I am wearing it. It is Cluck Norris related, so that’s all I can tell ya for now. While she was here, she got to meet Poptart and get lots of sloppy mouth kisses…

Then I was off to pick up KaiYote from the shelter where she was dropped off after her spay today, and deliver her to her new forever home… Happy tails, gal! Her story is a good one and I’ll tell it next Tuesday!

After dropping KaiYote, who is now named Carrots, to her new home, I swung by my mom’s house to let the sweet ol man puppy out and eat some of mama’s leftovers … yummmm. We don’t keep meat at home, Christian is vegetarian and I rarely eat meat, but when I’m told that there is a roast with carrots and peas and potatoes and cornbread (!!!!) that needs to be eaten, I will never turn away a good home-cooked meal made by my mother. So after a full belly and some sweet time with Austin, my mom and stepdads beloved dog, I headed out to my kitty sittin’ gig…

After my evening pet-sitting rounds, I got in a little time mowing which is the absolute best therapy for me. A droning loud sound while having no choice but to have zero thoughts or worries in my head because of the attention paid to what is on the ground in front of me… I just missed running over a snake that was doing it’s best to slither swiftly out of my way….

I didn’t get get around to a mixtape this week, lots of personal stuff going on at home and family stuff weighing heavy on my heart, but keeping busy and writing here definitely helps! 

Tomorrow I plan to work a bit more on some new prints and also get ready for a big landscaping project I have planned this weekend at my shop (if the weather allows)! Every year for the last 5 years I have paid an astronomical amount of money to have the unmanageable overgrowth directly around my shop cut back each year. This year, I decided to try a new way to hopefully make it easier to manage myself rather than have to pay a crew to start over on it year after year. I’m super excited to share before and after pics either this weekend or next week!!

It’s late, I’m tired, and I will see you all tomorrow, lovelies! 



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