It’s Saturday! A look back at the week…..

Me and my sweet Reece …. Always strolling the grounds, always stopping to take it all in, and always grateful for every single minute. 
…. Progression of my Macs. I have ditched the laptops and for the first time in my life, gotten an iPad. So far I am loving the simplicity and convenience. 
Sweet wittle Poptart…..
Purple Rain and figuring out this new toy. 
My ‘work’ these days consists of running trails with peoples dogs. Not too shabby when they also have a hammock ….. always my favorite seat in the house.
Little one-light-town alleyway sights….
Cindy Lou Who. Shelter dog who left too soon due to health issues. They are all good ones, but she was pretty spectacular.
Our little summertime oasis, otherwise known as our ‘redneck riviera’. Yeah, we know how to class it up ‘round these parts….
I am a closet birks girl. Shhhhhh.
Bella, my current project shelter pup. In less than two weeks she will finally be in her forever home!
You see that? Not one pile of horse shit. Dragging and mowing the pastures gives me the same satisfaction as I imagine those folks who love to have vacuum lines in their carpets …. 
Recently tried this additive for Reece. He struggles bad with seasonal allergies and this has helped tremendously I just one week!
…every chance I see her, I get butterflies. 
Sleeping cutie …
This is one of the new pups I sit for. Bella. Another Bella. Sweet and sassy and definitely the alpha.
..another small town shot…
My first year as a dahlia mom!!!! I’m so in love! I’ve never been great at plants, but in the last year or so, I have made it a point to try harder. The rewards have definitely been super motivating to get better at this…

I hope you all had a good week. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’m gonna spend the day with my stepdad. He’s not been well, and he’s been the best stepdad any kid could have wished for. When my dad died, he was there for me and my siblings in ways that went above and beyond, and has always been my go-to for learning anything mechanical. To all those who still have your dads, hold ‘em tight. I miss mine every day but I know he’s still around, everywhere, always…



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