ellllllo monday….

June? Is it really??

 This summer so far has been crazy. 

Early thunderstorms this morning caught me outside attempting to walk dogs and feed the ducks and chickens and I don’t know that I’ve ever truly thought I might actually get struck by lightening but my ass was running faster than I have in a lonnnnng time to get between the shop, the barn, and the house. 

Then I had a photoshoot scheduled this afternoon, but due to the weather, it was cancelled and so I got an unexpected totally I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself afternoon. I’m not complaining though - I needed an impromptu day to relax. I decided a few weeks ago that I am gonna try my best to pencil in two days a week for something fun or relaxing because I feel like I’ve had very little time for play lately. Between the shop (which sits conveniently on the farm property), dog sitting, plant/nursery work, and just basic farm maintenance, it is hard to be at home when the weather is nice and not feel the need to be doing something productive….

The safari trip last week was amazing and awesome and I see at least one ‘field trip’ every few weeks in my future this summer!

The rain stopped but it is not making it out of the 70s today and for June this is so strange. Again, not complaining, but were the weather to be typical of a June summer day, I’d be in our little saltwater pool…

But alas, I’m here! I snuck in a few episodes of The Real Housewives of OC (don’t judge) and am now filling the tub for an epsom soak, then some kind of facial mask, possibly some painted nails - who knows? 

Later I’m gonna have an afternoon siesta in our king-sized bed that just got freshly laundered sheets…

The forecast is calling for rain and temps in the 70s all week so it should be interesting what I manage to get done around here BUT I am going to see if I can figure out how to get together a new mixed tape for the blog on the iPad in the next few days….




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