… another rainy day here

 Raindrops hang onto the cedar tree like diamonds and the temps are once again adept mild for this time of year. I just cannot get over how perfect it feels outside for June. It’s truly unreal, and I’m not complaining…..

The land is looking lush and so alive and the horses are happy about this delicious food…

The goats are staying dry and coming out between showers to nibble and browse new growth.

The ducks have their ‘rainy day accommodations’ in the barn for now, until I see how heavy the rain will be today. Since they are disabled and cannot walk the best, I don’t want them to be stranded in a torrential downpour for any long period of time. 
Annnnnnnnd Spirulina is being typical Spirulina. <3
The chickens love this weather because when the ground is saturated like this, all the worms come to the surface. It’s truly a ‘hog heaven’ for them. 

The dogs are napping and Cluck is still in his room for now. He’s grown noticeably happier in the last few weeks actually coming to me in the evenings when it’s time to go to bed. He’s only crowed the one time that I heard, and who knows what’s up with that, but he’s such a fragile little thing and no one knows truly what all he endured before he came here. 

I’ve got the farrier coming out in a bit, then some packages to mail, some plants to pot, and a few errands to run before starting a little organizing project in the shop which will include listening to music and also planning that new mixed tape I mentioned yesterday :) . Although I get a little anxious when I can’t tend to the land out here in this kind of weather, it does give me opportunity to get organized inside - something I never ever actually plan on doing, but is always needed… 

Have a lovely Tuesday and I hope to be back here tomorrow with a fun music mix for ya! 


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