Even on the nastiest, rainiest, puddle-filled days, as I cringe when the rain begins to soak through my tee that I’ve run outside in for a quick dog walk, at the earliest hint of dawn, I looked up and my beautiful home in her twinkling light glory caught my eye in a way that flooded me with gratitude. I stood there soaked while taking in this sweet image of the lights on our porch, the lush plants that I’ve managed to grow this year, and our little ‘Poptart gate’ that keeps her safe when we are porch-sitting. 

Not one single day goes by where I don’t reflect on how grateful I am for this place, but this moment was powerful. I’m so in love with this place, the serenity she offers, the views, the trail-walking opportunities, and the energy that surrounds me here.

I was meant to be here and I’m so glad to have these little reminders of how sweet life is….



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