Snapshots from the last few days….

Reece in his most favorite place - the backyard hammock. 
This giant limb fell moments after I left the house to go run some errands…. For size reference, if you look closely you can see my old Ford truck is hidden by the branches from the fallen limb.
Poptart had visitors! 
….and she napped a lot…
My first time ever trying to grow dahlias and they are gorgeous! 
Once again, I have all my ducks in a row. 
Trying to capture in a photo just how large Ellie is. It’s quite unusual for such an elderly dairy breed to be so hardy, but I’m happy she’s plump and healthy!
We had a pipe that needed repairing…. Also we love our plumber so if you need a good one in the Athens, GA area, message me! 
Bella had her checkup and leaves for PA next Friday! 
grateful. Always. 
I painted my nails! Woo!
Cluck Norris got to show some folks just how sweet he is! 
I lounged in the back yard this afternoon when the sun de decided to come visit after a week of rainy days…
I hope you are having a nice weekend too! Despite some car trouble, that busted pipe, and worrying a bit over my stepdad who hasn’t been well, I’ve had constant reminders of all the truly wonderful things that are offered to me constantly. 

Christian should be home from work soon and I’m heading out to mow a little grass for the first time in over a week! 

I really want to share a mixtape but I haven’t figured out how to do that on my new iPad yet, so….. maybe tomorrow. Who knows? 

My calendar for July is almost maxed out for my little pet sitting gigs, and for that I am so grateful! I get to hike with dogs and live on kitties and send pics and updates to their loving owners. Such a satisfying and rewarding way to make a buck. 



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