Safari trippin’ ….

I heard about this place just a week ago when a friend asked if I wanted to go and tagged me in a post about this place. 
I researched the place that has had these animals for 30+ years and also looked into the story of when it became an actual drive-thru safari, and it all seemed pretty kosher and not like a typical ‘zoo’ or circus type thing and that was important to me since I do advocate for animals. 

I got picked up from the farm early morning by my Jeep-drivin’ gal pal and we headed north for this adventure…….

I highly recommend this place and loved the experience. It was pretty cheap and I can see how it benefits the animal caretakers so much, I am thinking of having fold drive through here and buy food and feed my crew - bahahahah! Basically you pay $10 to get in and $5 for each bag of food, and you (as well as all the other folks passing through with food) feed the animals! It is a win/win! 
Oh, and the budgie enclosure!!!!! 
Anyway, this place was called Lake Hartwell Animal Safari and it is in Hartwell, GA if any of you want to have some fun and get slobbered on and then bitten by emus. I have a highlight of most of my encounters with video on my instagram, titled “safari”. 

Have a lovely weekend ….



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