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I haven’t had the time to blog or get lost in social media much this week due to a productive week of washing thrifted items for the shop, pet-sitting, packaging my soaps, making time for friends, playing with seeds and plants, and attempting to squeeze in the last bit of land overhauling before full on Spring happens…

I also have a very cool plant project I have been working on the last few weeks and hope to be able to share it here in a few more weeks…. I just put my little plant babies up for the overnight freeze we are expecting. I have never ever had green thumbs, but in the last year have taken up a genuine interest in learning about plants - growing them, but most importantly starting from seed and keeping them alive…. speaking of green things.... I found a lucky clover on St. Paddy's Day! 

I have always been pretty good at germinating seeds - I’m a natural at it actually, but the care it takes to keep anything alive has just not been something I was wired to do. Now that I don’t sit in an office 40 hours a week, I have had the time to reset and actually learn and grow into being a plant mama…. I have set myself up with a back porch germinating station, and front porch green thrivers! I’ll share photos soon if my porch plant babies… Although indoor plants will never be my thing, I did overwinter several that the cat allowed to live… 

In other news, my mower died Wednesday night and my brother picked her up yesterday and dropped her off at the power shop (thank you thank you sweetest bro for realizing how important she is to me and swiftly offering to take her in!!!) She won’t be done for 2-3 weeks so I won’t be able to do my ‘mower meditation’ for quite some time….. which means you’ll be seeing more of me here :)

And I’ll have more time for preparing myself pretty amazing brunches ;) Here I have grits, steamed broccoli, fakin’ bacon, and delicious eggs from my girls. 

Along with my regulars, I had the cutest ‘last-minute’ pups to sit this week and they had the cutest little kitty siblings. All were from an outdoor colony and all with the one ear clipped meaning they had been spayed/ neutered. 

Today I picked up my project shelter pup, Bella, for a day out since weather played a hand in our weekly class being cancelled yesterday….

Then as it pretty typically happens, I got sidetracked by a shelter resident and lots of things I had planned didn’t get done. Today it was a rooster. He’d been in the shelter since early May - when I fostered the goat, and no one had stepped up for him. I took him outside in the sun, got some video, pics, texted a few chicken-loving friends and a rescue, and luckily within an hour he was in an amazing foster home!


Me and Poptart visited some friends and came home with the most delicious caramel cake, which I had for dinner (don’t judge)…

…and then I went out to feed all the critters and got a wonderful surprise! Well, let me back up just a tad. Waylon has figured out how to squeeze his fat booty through the fence slats to gorge himself with the feed that I’d purposely put out of his reach. Yesterday it almost gave me a heart attack when I couldn’t find him in the field at dusk, but then I heart him going to town on the feed in the barn… So now back to the wonderful surprise… this evening, my boy Waylon not only squeezed his fat booty through the gate slats, but then he PUT HIMSELF UP FOR THE NIGHT! Yes! He climbed up into his little airline crate that sits in the haystack, and was waiting on me to close his door! It was the cutest thing ever. In case you’re wondering, Waylon doesn’t get cooped up with the others and has to sleep separate because I just don’t trust the ladies with him in a confined space where he can’t run away. 

Now I’ve got a Poptart snoozing next to me while a fire is blazing and and I’m half watching ‘The Deuce’ while typing all this, and it’s past my normal bedtime - I’m pooped and headed to dreamland….

Good night, all…



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