It’s raining cats and dogs here….

Have a good Sunday my friends. We will be snuggled up on the couch as we do almost every Sunday, watching movies and eating pizza and ice cream….

Here are a few pics from yesterday and this morning....

I found these overalls at the thrift store and they have this pocket bib that I’ve never seen before! I have no idea what it’s supposed to be for, but Imma use it for…..
Collecting EGGS! It’s perfect! 
There is something special about having the luxury of your very own fresh eggs. I read yesterday that store bought eggs are 6-8 months old before they even hit grocery store shelves - yuck!!!!

This is Sandy. She’s one of the regular pups on my pet-sitting rotation. I visited with her and her pup brother and kitty siblings yesterday while their fam was away.
Dog-walking in the rain…. First with Reece…
Then my girl Poptart. <3
Only the finest of foods at the gathering last night…
And the best cake made and served up by the hostess with the mostest.
I feel extremely lucky. The last few weeks I’ve been reminded of the incredible friends I have, my incredible mate, family, and animals. They make my world go round… I’m off to soak a bit in an epsom bath before Christian gets stirring…..

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