….seasons & sunlight (and a few photos)

Gooooood mornin’, Monday! 

I’ve been here before- coming back after a hiatus. Claiming I was back in the swing of blogging, when really I was too bogged down by life to even think of doing something nice for myself… trying to fake it til I made it, only to have reality slap me in the face over and over…. 

Well, I have turned the corner and have reclaimed my life!!

The last year and a half has been eye-opening to truly have the opportunity to grow and ebb and flow with the earth’s natural clock. I think it’s even safe to say that it has actually kept me from losing my mind… 

It wasn’t until the last few months that I’ve been able to grasp the idea of living based on seasons and sunlight. I didn’t really understand that my fascination with farm life was due to the fact I *needed* to be allowed to live a bit more wild - having the sun and the moon dictate my schedule, allowing the seasons to breathe new life into each day - and ME.

Farmers (even rescue farmers like myself) rise and shine when the rooster crows. Waylon hasn’t started crowing *yet*, but soon he will :)

I’ve always admired the natural clock of farmers - animal caretakers. Every day for them is different and ALIVE and it’s hard to realize that when we are programmed to ignore what is happening all around us while we are at work indoors. I now prioritize all of my days to be outdoors whenever possible.

Winter means the days are shorter and therefor *my* days are shorter. I’ve slowly learned to accommodate the natural clock of Mother Nature, and I go to bed embarrassingly early, sometimes as early as 8:30pm, when the sun goes down at 5:30pm… 

In spring, I start my work day earlier and work later into the evening. The chickens don’t even go to roost until at least 9pm in the thick of summer. The whole year is alive and has specific needs. Working an office job for decades desensitized me and cheated me of this awareness. 

Blogging has always been an artistic release for me - I’ve shared the beginning of the farm, photos of everything, learning new things, tutorials, brightening others lives with the animal rescue stories, buying our farm, balancing work life and farm life… the tributes to animals who’ve lived out their last days here… I have truly missed sharing in this space! 

The last week I’ve collected fresh eggs (thank you dearest hens that started back laying at just the right time!) and made myself the most delicious breakfasts each morning… 

I’ve gone thrifting, I’ve taken Poptart to visit my grandma who we’d not seen in many many months, and I’ve started making my big annual plans for the farm: flowers, new fencelines, new ways for the farm to pitch in and help pay for herself, a clearer mind in which to be more present in my relationship with Christian, and making time each day to go on a long walk for myself. 

So yes, I am back. I am gonna restructure the weekly segments - no more weekly ‘Sweet Stuff Sunday’ posts, but maybe a monthly ‘sweet’ segment. 

Mixtapes will be sporadic and not always from Christian. 

There will be more ‘worn’ posts! There will be more informative posts on what’s happening ‘round these parts (I am starting a new paint project in our bathroom - the color is ORANGE!). 

There will be lots and lots of plant posts - I’ve been slowly getting a green thumb :). I have a plan to start growing and harvesting some of my own medicinal plants for Fox and the Forest. The workshop will be getting a landscaping makeover for the first time ever since we’ve owned this place! 

I still really adore the weekly ‘want/need/hear/see’ posts so I imagine those will be back regularly. I’ve watched so many shows and films the last year - so there are lots of ‘see’ examples… I guess the joy of having the ability to binge watch is what keeps a lot of us from going mad in stressful times. 

All that being said, I am thrilled to be out of my funk. 

I am thrilled to have turned the corner. 

I am thrilled to be in this space and time where standing firm can truly make a difference. 

Enjoy your Monday and I’ll be back tomorrow for a ‘want/need/hear/see’ post! 



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