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My absolute favorite boots back in the day  were a pair of 20 hole docs - royal blue - and although they were an absolute pain to put on and lace up, I wore them often.
I got curious to see if hey even made 20 hole docs recently - and they do - complete with a zipper now for easier on and off, but no blue…. I managed to find mine back when I was a teen at a vintage spot called ‘Go Clothing’, and I have no idea what ended up happening to them. So, because it’s very real to want for things you can’t have, this week my ‘want’ is a pair of royal blue 20 hole docs… womens size 10 ;)

I reeeeeeeeally need to finish painting the living room. I started painting it a few years ago, and then got distracted and since have had many painting projects I’ve finished, but I’ve never been motivated to finish the living room … go figure. I do have the time this week to tackle it, and have already planned a pop of color (orange) in our bathroom, so I am gonna get on that before the end of the month.

Pure Southern Soul, Otis Redding

omg. This album has been thoroughly enjoyed for my most favorite part of the day - hammock time. After the animals are fed, the dogs are walked, and just before I go inside for the day, I kick my feet up and stare up and out as the sky changes from shades of gold and pink and orange, to gray and silver and blue with specks of gold dust…. The last few days have ended with a beachy breeze, temps in the 70s, and me swinging in the hammock til Christian comes out looking for me …

Check out some of Ruben Östlund’s work.
We started with “Triangle of Sadness” and then watched “Square”, and just Sunday watched “Force Majeure” - all are dark satirical comedies, with a focus on how so many people live in oblivion.

I am truly happy to be back to the blog, and am truly feeling myself for the first time since being forced out of my former job of twenty years :)

I am excited to start some seeds tomorrow of a flower I've become fascinated with but never tried growing myself. Have a lovely Tuesday and I will see ya tomorrow! 



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