Midweek Mixtape! First Mix of 2023!

ohhh, daddy.... <3

This week marks eight years since me and my brother and sister lost our dad suddenly. He LOVED all music, and his love for it made my life abundantly appreciate it. All genres, all time periods.... He loved it all. Today, tomorrow, and Friday I am going to post mixtapes of the songs I remember listening to with him. No order, no organization, simply mixes of random songs that I remember from my time with him. 
As a little girl, he would quiz me on music - things like, "Okaaaay, but is this Ozzy Ozborne from the Black Sabbath era or as a solo artist?", and as that 7 year old who wanted to make my daddy proud that I'd learned and listened well enough over the years to differentiate, I'd say "Black Sabbath!!', and he'd look at me with such satisfaction of his schooling of me and my musical knowledge....
With that being said, t is a mix that goes all over the place, but is very special to my heart, and although there is no Sabbath on this mix, look for it in the next few days - it will be there.....


My early 20s got to see him truly amazed at the electronic sounds of Prodigy, while also still listening to the staples of his own youth. He LOVED female musicians, and I don't recall him ever not liking one. Tracy Chapman, Michel'le, Stevie Nicks, Lita Ford, Suzanne Vega, Sheila E, Kelly Willis, 4 Non Blondes, Heart -seriously, you name it - he loved them all - and if they played bass or guitar - even better. 

These mixtapes are just a small sliver of what I recall listening to with my dad, but I think it is cool to see the diversity in what he listened to. 

I think of him often, but more this time of the year.


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