Hello 2023!

After a terribly long hiatus, I am coming back to this platform again. I tried to keep it simple and take advantage of the 2200 characters on insta which was pretty easy most times, but the truth is I actually like sharing more than 10 photos.

There is something that just feels more like ‘home’ about digging out the ol’ laptop and the soft click-clacking of the keys while in bed at night or first thing on a chilly morning in front of a warm wood stove with some coffee. 

Yeah, I tried this last Spring, but by midsummer I was overwhelmed with Rose’s EPM diagnosis, and that was just the beginning of her very expensive ordeals, and then her care took over my life for a bit. After that, it was thrush in a front hoof, and then getting out of the field and finding an old half buried barbed-wire fence that sliced a rear hoof whose open which required stitches that she managed to tear open, then pretty gross wound care that I won’t even detail here. It still looks pretty gnarly, but I was informed this would be a long and ugly healing process. Thank God she isn’t limping, or showing signs of pain, and in the process I purchased a red light therapy wand to do therapeutic treatments, so I’m sure that’s helped! 

Anyway, I’m hoping this year refrains from throwing too many wrenches in the mix for me to navigate through, and on that note, I am officially back! I am going to get back to at least one sweet treat recipe a month - the weekly Sunday sweet stuff segment might be a bit too much of a commitment for now. Slow and easy, until I get back in the swing…. 

We had quite the storm yesterday and it was so loud it actually scared both Reece and Poptart - neither dog is usually phased by storms, fireworks, or gunshots. Christian was at work and our house really sounded like it was gonna take off in the wind. It was pretty scary for about an hour. Luckily, being the ‘plan ahead’ type as I am, I got everyone situated and fed and walked well ahead of time so I could batten down the hatches and ride it out inside. 

I leave you with pics of most of the crew just before the storm yesterday. 

As you can see, the grass is greening up in the goat paddock with the mild temps, and the horses have their nice fluffy winter coats. 

Happy Friday and I hope to be back here soon in my little happy place!



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