Good morning - I know I have been typically posting at night, but I woke up with a crazy dream I just had to share, so there may be two posts today… the most memorable part of my dream was having a menu item named after me at Mama’s Boy - bahahahhaha! 

Fridays I usually grab breakfast somewhere fun, so I guess my subconscious mind was anticipating Mama’s Boy today…. 

We shall see..

I have been having THE MOST vivid dreams in the last few weeks. Last night I witnessed two car crashes (everyone was fine, it was distracted teen drivers), met someone from my past (I have already forgotten who, but it was a woman - possibly a childhood friend?), spent the day in my childhood home with Christian (but the current owner lived there) looking for a mobster amount of cash that I somehow knew was hidden there (I used to joke about how there was probably buried cash at my dad's old place), and had a menu item at Mama’s Boy named after me - it was called the ‘Sandi. Hi.’ - Ha! Yes, I remember seeing it on the menu and that was exactly what it said…. I normally get the ‘Milltown Breakfast’ plate, but the ‘Sandi. Hi.’ was a biscuit with jam, a side of grits, and one petite but extra fluffy Belgian waffle with butter and syrup. 

I swear the vivid dreams must be part of my mind being wiped clear of all the stress and anxiety I was masking the last year and a half. Isn’t it crazy how the mind and body work? 

Anyone else experience super weird and vivid dreams after a long period of stress/ trauma? 

Leaving this song here as it was also playing in my head upon waking up…. 

anyway, I have lots planned today that you'll hear all about tonight when I blog from my cozy little spot in bed next to a sleeping Poptart. Happy Friday, y'all.....


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