It’s late and it has been a pretty good day. I got a lot of things accomplished that I had on my ‘to-do’ list for today… I am definitely in ‘spring cleaning’ mode already. I’m ready for porch hangs with Reece - he LOVES hanging on the porch in this weather.

I got my porch cleaned off (it had become a catch-all in the last several months), and then pressure washed it (buh-bye, chicken shit & bird seed!).

I moved sticks and larger pieces of wood to the fire pit out back. I’m ready for morning coffee fireside while the sun comes up. 

I cleaned up all the tposts and fencing supplies I’d just dumped in the front yard (after my last fencing project) to their proper storage places in the barn.

I went to the dump. I’m the weirdo that loves going to all the dumps. Bahahahaha. 

I picked up a new shelter dog for class at the farm today! 

I got new meds for my old boy, Eli. He’s not feeling well sadly, and it is a matter of time now. If I can’t get his aches and pains under control, I will need to make a quality of life decision. He is 14 and 200lbs, and he has already surpassed his life expectancy. 

Also spoke to the vet about Rose’s hoof injury from last fall. It has developed a small amount of proud flesh - not an alarming amount, but still something that needs addressing. 

So yes, the animals are all still keeping me on my toes! 

The days are getting longer and I can’t wait for the time to change! 

Tomorrow I have a breakfast date with a special friend … Poptart also gets to see her great-grandma this weekend! 

I’m now laying in bed with my Poptart, waiting for Christian to get home!

Happy weekend, all! 



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