want/ need/ hear/ see + photos from today

good evening lovelies. Sharing a small photo dump from the day before the wants & needs. It is quite late, and I am posting this from bed while Poptart is under the covers spooning my legs... <3. It was a balmy day here and I made good use of the ol' redneck riviera for some vitamin D therapy and a quiet afternoon with my Reece. I had a few chores I toyed with tackling, but decided to just chill and give myself a nice, well deserved break.... I let a friend borrow a few folding tables and clothing rack for a yardsale this weekend and her picking those things up resulted in an impromptu porch hang with some hard ciders and seltzers, before a nice thunderstorm rolled in - yayyy for rain! 

here is the queen hogging my spot just before I crawled into bed with my laptop to post this - ha! 


a hay barn. While it isn't really a necessity, it would make life easier sometimes... We are in the midst of a drought here in GA, and being able to store more than a few weeks worth would be amazing! I can and will likely get an area cleared and ready for a bit more hay storage soon, but if I woke up one day and some little elves happened to make me a hay barn overnight, I would be thrilled (yes, the elves and the shoemaker is one of my all time fave stories)!!


rain - and lots of it! 



We (Christian and I ) have been watching old movies and shows from our youth... Recently we rewatched 'Bottle Rocket' and I decided that I really didn't truly appreciate the evolution of Wes Anderson films. I wasn't really into 'The French Dispatch', but loved everything about the subtleties in the older stuff.... Anyway, If you haven't watched 'Bottle Rocket', or it's been a while, I am pretty sure it was streaming for free on HBO Max. 



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