slow morning here.....

 This week flew by! I launched my print site, procrastinated on mowing the acreage (and I don't feel one bit bad about it - ha!), took a shelter dog out to the lake yesterday with some gal pals, and tomorrow it is the beginning of a new week!  I guess it is true that time flies when you are having fun!

 It is beautiful outside already and Poptart and I are getting ready to hit the lake... I'm sipping my coffee slowly, then have a few prints to pack up for delivery on our way back from the lake- yay for print sales already!!! -  then gonna walk my boy Reece (he is not a fan of the lake), and hop in the car and head east! 

I am getting into the swing of blogging regularly again and it feel oh-so-right! I may even do a double post today with the ol' 'saturday snapshots', a pic an hour style that I used to do weekly.... we shall see how drained I am after some fun in the sun with my girl. 

Here are some pics from yesterday's adventure with shelter dog, Bruno. If you'd like more info on him, check out my insta (he has a cute reel from yesterday there!) as I have posts there that have all his info and details on how to set up a meet with him at the shelter!

Have a great Saturday and I hope to be back this eve with a little peek into how our day was! 

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