it's Jooooooon! farm happenings and other stuff....

It's June!!! Today is the day I launch my little 'farm prints' shop after making a few as gifts last Christmas and then being asked by folks how they could acquire their own - how exciting??! I decided I liked making them so much, I would give this a whirl, and see how many folks would enjoy having a piece of the farm hanging in their home, office, or studio. The shop link is HERE

In other news, Poptart had her yearly vet visit today.... guess what that means? YES! She has almost been with us a WHOLE YEAR! Saturday will officially be one year to the day that I first laid eyes on her and brought her home to heal from her double eye removal as a temporary medical foster. Yeah, that last part didn't stick, and you all know the rest of the story....

I have also been living out my dream of the simple country life... selling eggs, long tub soaks, haulin' hay, napping in the hammock, learning a little spanish (believe it or not, I never had to take a language class in school, ever!), trying my hand at growing plants other than food, devoting my time to causes that need it, and catching up with old friends.  

If you didn't catch the mixtape yesterday, check it out by clicking the tape below. If you grew up in the late 70s/80s and had parents that really exposed you to good music. This one has a stronghold on my heart and I have been listening to it all day. Good stuff. <3

I am off to mow a little grass and fill some troughs, all while stinking up the house with some roasted brussel sprouts while I'm out  - bahahahahahaha! (yay for an attic fan!), and I will be back tomorrow with a little want/need segment. 



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