weekly roundup #100HappyDays

As I have mentioned before, I decided to do another round of the #100HappyDays challenge. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can read more about it here, and check out my post explaining why I decided to try it out 8 years ago here and my very first 'weekly roundup' here. I post my daily pics on my insta. The short version is that I started this challenge without the thought at all of being a homeowner. I rented a place in town, had my farm crew on a farm about 10 miles away, and although it wasn't ideal, it worked. By Day 71, I stumbled across my current house while out driving country back roads from the feed store. Day 75, I had a signed contract, Day 79 my inspections were getting done, and by Day 100, I was two weeks from closing. Pretty amazing.... the first two pics are from 2014, my current weekly roundup is the rest.... Happy Saturday! 

day 1: January 22, 2022
day 2:
day 3:
day 4:
day 5:
day 6:
day 7:

enjoy your weekend! It is super cold here today with temps not budging out of the 30s. I am off to feed hay and make sure all the crew is comfortable, and may look into starting back up the sunday sweet treats segment.....

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