100 Happy Days - What a better way to celebrate Fridays!!!

“Action expresses priorities.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

One of my New Year's goals was to practice gratitude MORE. Last night I came across a website:  http://100happydays.com/ I think my goal fits in perfectly with this challenge. We all take so many happy moments for granted and sometimes even focus on all the negative going on in life. I have noticed myself doing it at times and have to snap myself out of it and reflect on all the good stuff going on. Well, this is going to pretty much force me to label one happy moment each day. I usually post many happy moments, but I do so, and I have to admit that I sometimes don't realize how special those little moments are and what impact that teeny moment had on my day.. This is that little push I needed to actually make me be more grateful for those moments!
It is a challenge that seems rather simple - for 100 days in a row, you take a picture of something that made you happy and post it to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, OR you can participate privately and just have these moments for yourself! We all have cellphones with cameras, so the convenience of capturing the most random happy moment seems soooooo easy, right? Well, 71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. These people simply did not have time to be happy. Do you? Here are a couple of positive side effects from people who successfully took the challenge:
I signed up last night and think that it can't take more than a minute (literally) to snap a picture with my phone and immediately upload to Instagram, so even on my worst day, if I am searching for that happy moment, that is sure to shoo away those dark clouds of a bad day, right? Supposedly the site keeps up with your posting, so you can't play 'catch up' if you missed or forgot yesterday - you have to actually do this DAILY...

Each Friday, I am going to share here on the blog what my moments for my 'happy days' were for the week. Since I just started last night, I will share my very first one now: 
I took this on my lunch break yesterday at the farm - it is snow on a cypress tree. We didn't get very much, and the sun was rapidly melting away all traces, but this side of the tree had been in the shade most of the morning and was clinging on to the last bit of snow and the ground in its shadow was still mostly white in this area. 
You are welcome to follow my Instagram HERE, all of my challenge pics will be hashtagged #100happydays - I sometimes upload multiple pics a day, so to avoid seeing EVERYTHING I post on IG, you can just check the blog every Friday for the challenge pics! 
If you have decided that you might want to participate, you can sign up HERE 
Happy posting, y'all!! 99 more happy days ahead for me (hopefully)!!

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  1. You got it! See you out there in our happy world. KC