Hot Chocolate Magic Mix + Vanilla Bean Marshmallows in a Jar from QUIN out of Portland, OR. (FYI, if you order by Feb. 10, it can get here in time for Valentine's Day)

to make this ginger detox bath & body scrub from the blog over at Henry Happened
hear: this week's pick from Christian....
From the album Ghettoville - you can purchase the album HERE  

read: Fäviken by Magnus Nilsson - you can purchase your very own copy HERE.

"Fäviken is the first major cookbook by Magnus Nilsson, the 28-year old chef whose restaurant is located on a 20,000 acre farm and hunting estate in Northern Sweden. It has recently been called "the most daring restaurant in the world" by Bon Appetit. In Faviken, Nilsson writes about how he only cooks with ingredients that are raised, farmed and hunted in the immediate vicinity of his remote restaurant. The food served at Fäviken - from the dairy to the meat to the vegetables - is harvested, butchered and preserved by hand using the most natural and primitive methods possible, and Nilsson is in factor of simple cooking methods such as roasting over open coals. This approach results in the highly creative food and intense flavors of which, far from seeming traditional, are remarkable."

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