roundup of my week's #100happydays

Just a little recap of my project and if you don't know what I am referring to, you can check out the details in this previous post and feel free to join in as well! It is an international project and whatever platform you use, you can search with the hashtag #100happydays and see other people's happy moments!! Here is a look back at my last week's worth of 'happy days'.......
Day 2:
I ran a bath and made homemade bath salts from Epsom salts, fresh ginger, baking soda, and fresh squeezed lemon juice... bought the new Vogue and sipped on some hot coffee..... this is the kinda Friday nights I love.....
Day 3:
Early Saturday morning run. This one was EXTRA special because it was my very first run of 2014!
 Day 4:
Baby snuggles while watching Broad City with Christian. He turned me on to this show and now I can't get enough!!! 
 Day 5:
Monday morning.... I am getting ready for work. I heard the snoring - that is nothing unusual, but to look over and see this smooshed face with open mouth showing itty bitty teeth and her EYES OPEN?? Well, yeah that was funny and made for a happier morning. Love my girl...
 Day 6:
My experimental brussel sprouts, bacon, turkey, and rice concoction. I was pleasantly pleased and proud of my cooking! Mmmm-mmm!
Day 7:
There is not a day that goes by where I don't think of bacon if only for a split second just once!! I try to make a batch and use it for recipes throughout the week...
 Day 8:
Went home for lunch and Baby roped me in to a snuggle session. When it's cold outside, it's so hard NOT to cuddle up with this girl!
 Day 9:
This morning while driving out to the farm before work, this was in my view.... 

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