how cool is THIS?
 Some good cold weather gloves... I just ripped mine last weekend :( I found THESE on Amazon and am gonna shop around a bit before I make a purchase....
 Christian's pick - I love this!! I love Lee Hazelwood....

Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi
I have been reading this book for a while. I have read it, then revisited the parts that I feel might give me a boost in the right direction. I have always loved Deepak's writing, and this book is a great mix of science, metaphysics, and the usual type self reflection/help stuff that is typical in a Deepak book. The message I took away from this read is something that we knew when we were younger but tend to forget as we get older -  we have the power to transform our lives in the most profound ways. I really enjoyed this. If you like this kind of stuff, give it a go!

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