catching up....

For the last several weeks, I got behind on life due to making the time to care for Misty the way she needed me... First off, I would do it all over again, without hesitation. - in a heartbeat. Second, it has now been a week since she passed and my heart is healing, so it is time to get things here back in order. 

Today I finally cleaned the chicken coop, went to the feed store, and have started making my weekend plans which include:

~ clean out my car

~ mail off shop sales

~ paint my nails

~ laundry

~ clean both porches

~ eat Peppinos pizza :)

~ refill the bird feeders

I also want to start planning a layout for a new goat structure. The one they use now was put up hastily after a bad storm took down the original one (over THREE YEARS ago!), and I have been procrastinating getting up a proper one, but now it is time....

Now, I am getting the best kind of love from my sweetest lap dog, and contemplating a hot soak....

goodnight, friends <3


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