want/ need/ hear/ see



I want one of these adult trikes SO BAD. In a few years we will have pretty easy access to a recreational trail that goes for miles in each direction, and in my head I see myself on one of these...  Could be I just feel like I want to be a kid again, as you will likely see from my 'hear' & 'see' below - both are nostalgic 90s things.... 


a new goat shed. The one they have been using has lasted since 2017 and was quickly put together after the big storm that caused lots of damage in the area.... It wasn't too much of an eyesore, but is now becoming one, so I will be tackling this project in the near future :)



...could be that Valentine's Day is coming up and these were such badass little love stories when I was just a little young romantic beginning my journey as an adult in the big world...

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