Just Another Monday.

Just a typical Monday. 

I got up early, fed and walked Reece. 

Then I did a fairly new thing I’ve decided I’m gonna start doing regularly with my morning routine:  Wim Hof breathing technique. So far I love it and am seeing benefits.. after that I did a little stretching, let the chickens out, put Blindie in her yard and made sure she had plenty of food and water, made my lunch and got ready for work. 

I worked all day and got home at 4:30. Walked Reece, did my Wim Hof breathing exercise, and then made dinner. Watched tv for 30 minutes (Below Deck), put on my muck boots and headed out to scrub water troughs and start the evening chores. After the troughs were filled and buckets were handed out, I went to do a little work in the shop. Photographed some clothes for the Etsy shop (that will be relaunched one day, I swear!!) and chilled out in the workshop for a bit admiring the new layout and making plans to clean up my little potion making station (there is a very good reason you haven’t seen it in a while- it’s a WRECK!) Just put Blindie on the porch where she sleeps safely and soundly each night and after a hot epsom bath, I am heading off to dreamland counting my lucky stars that this is my life. I love it all and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The days are getting shorter and it is one thing I look forward to because animals operate on sunlight. When the sun goes down at 5:30, so do the chickens, horses, and goats. That means I’m done with everything and it is time for my favorite things (blogging, watching bad tv with Christian, and snuggling with Reece) until bed! Whoop! Looking forward to a very productive week of working on indoor projects because it looks like we have milder temps and rain almost every day! 


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