This week I have been celebrating my 44th birthday. I took my actual birthday off work - Christian took the day off too, we barely got dressed all day, I visited one of my project dogs at the shelter, laid in the sun, didn't lift one single finger for any type of chore or work allllll day (besides the most basic of feeding the animals), got tons and tons of sweet birthday wishes and ate lots of cake and pizza. Christian made the best chocolate on chocolate GF cake!!!!

I have a few special presents arriving in the coming days.... New temporary goat fence came yesterday (thanks mom!!!!) so I can expand their browsing areas, new goat fencing accessories so that Eli cannot ruin the new permanent fence I put up, and new spa day gadgets for ME (yes, I do my own spa days on the reg!!)!!!

44 has been good to me so far and I am excited for the next year around the sun! The neighbors dropped off a pretty and delicious cake, I had cake for dinner and dessert last night, and will be taking some to work today to share with coworkers. 

Diamond, a little pitbull I had been advocating for at the shelter, found herself a foster!! Last night she spent the first night of her whole life (10 years old!!!) in a HOME. SO, yeah, so far 44 is great! I was able to catch up with one best friend last night, I have a happy hour date with another one tomorrow, and almost every night in the last week, we have had thunderstorms and rain. 

The animals are all doing well, the chickens are learning their way around the farm, venturing further and further from their little coop each day while eating bugs, and then returning to the coop each night to be safely secured. Everyone has been eating like horses, and I am buying more feed now for the special senior care that most of the animals now need. Eli and Misty are my harder keepers and have been a challenge to keep weight on as they age. I have an idea for a post in my head about small farms and animals, and my opinion on how animals are treated, something very important to me as you know. My farm is more of a sanctuary/ happy zoo than an actual farm. I will explain tomorrow morning with my coffee.... 

Anyway, I am excited to play with my new birthday toys this weekend, expanding new areas for the goats to explore! Their new fence is in this box! Eeeeeeeek!!
Happy Friday, y'all!!!! Leaving you here with a pic I snapped yesterday evening during the thunder of this pretty little butterfly!

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