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It has been a while, but I have been working on some big things!!!!

...since moving to our farm waaaaaay back in 2014, I had tentative plans here and there to get my vintage clothes organized and start selling out of my etsy store again, but it just never happened... until now (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!)

The time has finally come to actually do it. I have a few gals who agreed to model the next few weeks, and I am hoping to get my store back up and running by next week!

The workshop was renovated last year for a few different reasons... to house 1-2 foster dog projects at a time, to have a space for all my potion making, to have extra space for out of town guests, and also to hold and organize all of my vintage clothing inventory for the etsy shop.

Well, the space saw three foster dogs in 2019, I made lots of self-care goodness for the Fox & the Forest shop, and I had a few people over to physically shop the collection of vintage items. Then, I adopted Reece and all my plans for this space changed. Reece spends a lot of time in this luxury workshop, and the two kennels I built out inside for my projects, have now become closet space, but (!!) because of a little extra time I found due to not being able to volunteer at the shelter during this pandemic, it. is. finally. happening!

 all of these pieces will be listed soon, and I'll share the store link when I have all the listings complete! In the meantime, if you are interested in any of these pieces, please reach out on Insta, FaceBook, or use the contact form to the left on this page! Most of the dresses above are sized 2-4!

Happy Friday! 


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