midweek mixtape, vitamin D, & strange weather

I listened to this mix as I got my weekly dose of au naturale vitamin D this afternoon after work, and before another crazy rain storm that caused the temperature to drop TWENTY DEGREES!!! Wow! 

...anyway, I am now waiting for the storm to pass and see if it leaves a rainbow to admire while walking Reece! 

The weekend is approaching, and I am still sifting through vintage clothing to list, so it will likely be a few more weeks before I get it all posted... The best part is taking the pics and my least favorite part is writing the descriptions and taking the measurements... 

check my instagram in a bit to see if I managed to catch a rainbow!! It appears the sun is trying to shine through the storm!!

long time, no see, friends.... I will be back soon with a post chock full of what's been happening at the farm! 


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