is it friday already??

I've been taking some time for myself recently, which you have probably noticed with my lack of posting much here over the past few weeks. I felt I needed a little time away to focus and regroup and get a grip on my broken heart after what I thought was the loss of Fantastic. I needed to give more attention to the things I love. You know, Reece, my farm crew, my new chickens, my partner in crime, my health, and attempting to tend to unfinished business like my Etsy shop that has been down for almost 5 years.

I am sure you all know I had some pretty major heartbreak when Fantastic disappeared, but I have seen and heard signs that make me pretty positive he is still around, and although I haven't actually seen him, I am positive I have heard him, and I am now sure that he is still around and has just become a wild bird like he needed to, after his near death experience.

While this week flew by for me, I did decide that I would go ahead and list some stuff here, not stress out about getting things up on Etsy, and when that happens, it happens....

this is happening now!!! 
I will post a bit more tomorrow! Have questions about an item? Message me using the form to the left on this page! 

**until I get my s*%! together and list these things on etsy,  you have an opportunity to buy here on the blog!**

Vintage June Carter Cash style dress, size 2-4, $34.
if local to Athens, avoid shipping fees by arranging local pickup.

 two piece vintage polyester houndstooth pant suit, size 6, $40.

 cute vintage dress, fitted at waist, size 4-6, $18

 vintage handmade prairie dress, size 6-8, $28

 Vintage red crushed velvet dress, sweetheart neckline, size 2-4, $68

beautifully fitted vintage handmade dress, painted fabric, one of a kind, cotton, sz 6-8, $42

two piece dress & vest, top is red with white polka dots, vest and 'skirt' are baby blue. sz small, $42
vintage ruffled dress, 1970, sz 6-8, fitted at waist, $42

vintage airline uniform dress, polyester, sz medium, $22

vintage fitted polyester dress, sz medium, 6-8, $18
 I will be back this weekend sometime with some vintage snack sets, vintage afghans, and more vintage clothing! 
I can accept Paypal, Venmo, as well as Cash and credit cards if local pickup. 

Happy shopping! 



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